TestC - Mini test system

Use case

LXI unit control and test case validation

In cooperation with Rigol Technologies EU GmbH, Viconnis has launched an innovative test concept for the pre-validation of LXI laboratory equipment. By means of the test software TestC and the Raspberry PI mini test system, selected test sequences can be automated and documented in advance, so that the customer / laboratory user can use his desired test functions in a particularly convenient and reproducible and transferable way through test automation and on the basis of the supplementary test documentation (available later as an application note).

Automated Fault Injection for Total Test Coverage

Together with Razorcat GmbH, Viconnis has developed an innovative test concept with TestC API, Raspberry PI Mini Test System and TESSY 4.1 for software and hardware testing.


Automated Fault Injection for Total Test Coverage - Image 1

1st picture:
Without TestC / Fault Injection, 83.33 % Total Coverage, since the
Return value of the function read_validation_signal() outside the system
and cannot be influenced by TESSY.

Automated Fault Injection for Total Test Coverage - Image 2

2nd image:
Activating the TestC stimuli via signal b5 in Test Case 1.1.

Automated Fault Injection for Total Test Coverage - Image 3

3rd image:
Entering the Fault Injection, in front of the branch that has not yet been
has been covered or on which TestC stimuli are to be performed.

Automated Fault Injection for Total Test Coverage - Image 4

4. picture:
Test performed with TestC and Total Coverage 100%.

Further information on the TESSY 4.1 software from Razorcat GmbH is available from here.

Flexible - Cost-effective - Scalable

  • Scalable from low cost (Minitest) to high performance (ATE*)
  • Technology connection for evaluation boards, test systems and devices
  • Test system model with limitations and restrictions in simulation
  • Transferable, reusable test content for agile testing
  • Experience and test case based communication of all parties involved

Architecture for analogue and digital tests


Analyse - Test - Learn at an early stage

Raspberry PI® (RPI) as test client with operator interface*.

  • Communication via Ethernet, WLAN, USB*
  • Receiver for TestC© commands
  • Execution of the test contents
  • Result Feedback from Raspberry PI ® to TestC© for alignment - Pass / Fail
  • Handover of native LXI raw data to test units (e.g. LXI units)

Cooperative testing with several RPI®

  • Master / Multislave
  • Master Production : e.g. Master USB System Tests / Slave: Minitester Cooperation
  • Multiple synchronised Analogue / Digital Raspberry PI®
  • Just in Time- HW Stimuli for SW Tests - Pass and HW Fail braches*.

RPI® as test control and test execution

  • 26 Channel GPIO – each driver or expect
  • Test speed > 1μs / 1MHz , 0v/3,3V digital,
  • Max 26 analog – out via pwm – 85kSample, max speed 160KS/s- 0.5s
  • Mini ATE, RPI and HW - Digital Pinelektrionik with Driver, Comparator, Active load

Test instrument - additive for RPI® test system

  • LXI devices e.g. 2x channel oscilloscopes, protocol analysis, trigger option
  • 2x Channel Analog Source Anlog Waveform Generator (AWG)
  • 2x Channel Digital Power Supply - Sequence Kontrolle mit Trigger-Option
  • Sensor analog*, Sensor- with digital / RF interfaces*

Test Board / Evaluation Board - additive for RPI® Test System

  • DAC Basisboard - 30k Sampe/s 10bit, 5v, ADC DAC PI *
  • I2C i2c Expander: Cf. HW Control, SW Control- Transistor - ANALYSE
  • Transistor / Analog Wave to Speaker
  • ADC-DAC 12bit, 2x Analog_out 0..2v/0..3.3v 150KS/s SPI 5.4us setup, 1us write
  • ADC 1xch, 12bit max. Sample 75MS max. Speed 100KS/ch*

Test application / connectivity via RPI® interface

  • RF send/receive – Tags-ID, Keyless entry, Car2Car, Smartcard, Payin near Function
  • Camera - biometrics, object/position recognition, quality proofs
  • Sensors and actuators - motion, motors, switches, smart home
  • Reader – Barcode, QR-Code

*) in preparation

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TestC-Raspberry PI Mini Test System - German

Innovative test system
for test analysis and test execution

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