TestC - Test contents


TestC© for transferable test content

TestC© für übertragbare Testinhalte

Individual benefit

  • Consideration of common test views from the IC to the system
  • Making isolated test knowledge and equipment usable and testable
  • Self-controlled and development of individual test solutions
  • Safeguarding test communication over the entire life cycle
  • Development acceleration and quality improvement
  • Reduction of test times, test costs and test risks

Innovative test software for complex electrical processes

The TestC© IDE* provides a common language for connecting software-based systems. The DSL** (Xtend / Xtext) is used for modelling and generating test content.

It makes existing test knowledge usable for everyone and testable through rule-based tests. The test content generated in this way can be used and transferred at an early stage in a simulation environment and in parallel on the relevant test systems.

Validation of mixed-signal test content, transferability and analysis capability for hardware near HW and SW solutions.


* integrated development environment
** domain-specific language



Definition of pass and fail hypotheses

Definition von Pass- und Fail Hypothesen

Core functions of the test software TestC©

  • Definition of requirements from specification, test and test systems
  • Protocol-based, uniquely described and transferable test content
  • Modelling of real tester behaviour with loadboard and IC function
  • Generation of test outputs for ATE, laboratory, production test systems
  • Test modelling via Coside* for testing in the simulation environment
  • Verification of pass/fail hypotheses via individual tests
  • Comparison test in relevant test domains e.g.: Simulation, ATE, Laboratory tester

* IEEE1666.1 SystemC.ams konform

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