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  • An abstract representation of calling relationships between subroutines in a program.
  • Ein Rahmenwerk, das Schlüsselelemente einer effektiven Softwareentwicklung und -wartung beschreibt. Capability Maturity Model Integration deckt Best Practice-Ansätze für die Planung, das Engineering und das Management einer Softwareentwicklung und -wartung ab.
  • A test automation approach, where inputs to the test object are recorded during manual testing in order to generate automated test scripts that could be executed later (i.e. replayed).
  • A type of test execution tool where inputs are recorded during manual testing in order to generate automated test scripts that could be executed later (i.e. replayed). These tools are often used to support automated regression testing.
  • See capture/playback tool.
  • Siehe Mitschnittwerkzeug.
  • Abkürzung für Computer Aided Software Engineering.
  • Abkürzung für Computer Aided Software Testing.
  • See root cause analysis.
  • See cause/effect graphing.
  • See decision table.
  • A graphical representation used to organize and display the interrelationships of various possible root causes of a problem. Possible causes of a real or potential defect or failure are organized in categories and subcategories in a horizontal tree-structure, with the (potential) defect or(...)
  • A graphical representation of inputs and/or stimuli (causes) with their associated outputs (effects), which can be used to design test cases.
  • A black-box test design technique in which test cases are designed from cause-effect graphs [BS 7925/2].
  • Acronym for configuration control board.
  • The process of confirming that a component, system or person complies with its specified requirements, e.g. by passing an exam.
  • See configuration control.
  • Siehe Konfigurationskontrollboard.
  • See configuration control board.
  • (1) A structured approach to transitioning individuals, teams, and organizations from a current state to a desired future state. (2) Controlled way to effect a change, or a proposed change, to a product or service. See also configuration management.
  • The capability of the software product to enable specified modifications to be implemented [ISO 9126]. See also maintainability.
  • Siehe Test-Charta.
  • See test charter.
  • See reviewer.
  • An experience-based test design technique whereby the experienced tester uses a high-level list of items to be noted, checked, or remembered, or a set of rules or criteria against which a product has to be verified. See also experience-based testing.
  • Ein erfahrungsbasiertes Testentwurfsverfahren, bei dem der erfahrene Tester eine Liste von Kontrollpunkten nutzt, die beachtet, überprüft oder in Erinnerung gerufen werden müssen, oder eine Menge von Regeln oder Kriterien gegen die ein Produkt verifiziert werden muss. Siehe auch(...)
  • See N-switch coverage.
  • Siehe N-Switch-Überdeckung.
  • A tree showing equivalence partitions hierarchically ordered, which is used to design test cases in the classification tree method. See also classification tree method.
  • A black-box test design technique in which test cases, described by means of a classification tree, are designed to execute combinations of representatives of input and/or output domains. [Grochtmann]
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