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  • Siehe Release Note.
  • See commercial off-the-shelf.
  • Ansatz zum modellbasierten Testen, bei dem Testfälle für eine zukünftige Ausführung in ein Repository generiert werden.
  • Ansatz zum modellbasierten Testen, bei dem Testfälle gleichzeitig generiert und ausgeführt werden.
  • A software tool that is available to all potential users in source code form, usually via the internet; its users are permitted to study, change, improve and, at times, to distribute the software.
  • Ein Software-Werkzeug, das allen potentiellen Nutzern als Quell-Code, üblicherweise über das Internet, zur Verfügung steht. Den Nutzern ist es erlaubt, die Software zu studieren, zu verändern, zu verbessern und manchmal auch weiter zu verkaufen.
  • Die Fähigkeit eines Softwareprodukts, das es dem Benutzer ermöglicht mit dem Produkt zu arbeiten. [ISO 9126] Siehe auch Gebrauchstauglichkeit.
  • The capability of the software product to enable the user to operate and control it [ISO 9126]. See also usability.
  • Operational testing in the acceptance test phase, typically performed in a (simulated) operational environment by operations and/or systems administration staff focusing on operational aspects, e.g. recoverability, resource-behavior, installability and technical compliance. See also(...)
  • Hardware and software products installed at users’ or customers’ sites where the component or system under test will be used. The software may include operating systems, database management systems, and other applications.
  • The representation of a distinct set of tasks performed by the component or system, possibly based on user behavior when interacting with the component or system, and their probabilities of occurrence. A task is logical rather that physical and can be executed over several machines or be(...)
  • Statistical testing using a model of system operations (short duration tasks) and their probability of typical use [Musa].
  • The process of developing and implementing an operational profile. See also operational profile.
  • Testing conducted to evaluate a component or system in its operational environment [IEEE 610].
  • See test oracle.
  • Siehe Testorakel.
  • A 2-dimensional array selected with special mathematical properties, such that choosing any two columns in the array provides every pair combination of each number in the array.
  • A systematic way of testing all-pair combinations of variables using orthogonal arrays. It significantly reduces the number of all combinations of variables to test all pair combinations. See also n-wise testing, pairwise testing.
  • Ein zweidimensionales Array mit speziellen mathematischen Eigenschaften, bei dem jede Kombination von zwei Spalten alle Kombinationen der Werte enthält.
  • See result.
  • A variable (whether stored within a component or outside it) that is written by a component.
  • The set from which valid output values can be selected. See also domain.
  • An instance of an output. See also output.
  • Testing performed by people who are not co-located with the project team and are not fellow employees.
  • Testen durch Personen, die nicht an einem gemeinsamen Ort mit dem Projektteam arbeiten und nicht Mitarbeiter im Unternehmen des Projektteams sind.
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