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  • See condition.
  • See multiple condition coverage.
  • See multiple condition testing.
  • See condition coverage.
  • The percentage of branches that have been exercised by a test case suite. 100% branch coverage implies both 100% decision coverage and 100% statement coverage.
  • A white-box test design technique in which test cases are designed to execute branches.
  • Ein expertenbasiertes Verfahren zur Testschätzung, mit dem Ziel, durch Einbeziehung von Teammitgliedern zu einer möglichst genauen Schätzung zu kommen.
  • A device or storage area used to store data temporarily for differences in rates of data flow, time or occurrence of events, or amounts of data that can be handled by the devices or processes involved in the transfer or use of the data [IEEE 610].
  • A memory access failure due to the attempt by a process to store data beyond the boundaries of a fixed length buffer, resulting in overwriting of adjacent memory areas or the raising of an overflow exception. See also buffer.
  • See defect.
  • See defect report.
  • See defect taxonomy.
  • See defect management tool.
  • A set of automated tests which validates the integrity of each new build and verifies its key/core functionality, stability and testability. It is an industry practice when a high frequency of build releases occurs (e.g., agile projects) and it is run on every new build before being released(...)
  • Eine Menge von automatisierten Tests, welche die Integrität jedes neuen Builds validieren, und ihre Kernfunktionalität, Stabilität und Testbarkeit verifizieren. Es handelt sich um eine verbreitete Industriepraxis bei häufigen Builds (z.B. in agilen Projekten). Er wird bei jedem neuen Build vor(...)
  • Ein öffentlich zugängliches Diagramm, das ausstehende Aufwände gegenüber der Zeit in einem Sprint (Iteration) zeigt. Es zeigt Status und Trend der Erledigung der Tasks in einem Sprint. Die X-Achse repräsentiert typischerweise die Tage in einem Sprint, während die Y-Achse die offenen Aufwände(...)
  • A publicly displayed chart that depicts the outstanding effort versus time in a sprint (iteration). It shows the status and trend of completing the tasks of the sprint. The X-axis typically represents days in the sprint, while the Y-axis is effort remaining (usually either in ideal engineering(...)
  • An approach to testing in which test design is based on descriptions and/or knowledge of business processes.
  • Akronym für Build-Verifizierungstest.
  • An abstract representation of calling relationships between subroutines in a program.
  • Ein Rahmenwerk, das Schlüsselelemente einer effektiven Softwareentwicklung und -wartung beschreibt. Capability Maturity Model Integration deckt Best Practice-Ansätze für die Planung, das Engineering und das Management einer Softwareentwicklung und -wartung ab.
  • A test automation approach, where inputs to the test object are recorded during manual testing in order to generate automated test scripts that could be executed later (i.e. replayed).
  • A type of test execution tool where inputs are recorded during manual testing in order to generate automated test scripts that could be executed later (i.e. replayed). These tools are often used to support automated regression testing.
  • See capture/playback tool.
  • Siehe Mitschnittwerkzeug.
  • Abkürzung für Computer Aided Software Engineering.
  • Abkürzung für Computer Aided Software Testing.
  • See root cause analysis.
  • See cause/effect graphing.
  • See decision table.
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